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Article by Paul Bryant

The global currency exchange market where buying and selling of the world currencies occur is the Forex trading business. Being the world’s largest market in terms of cash flow and trading volume, it is a highly liquid market. Each day witnesses exchange of trillions of dollar throughout the world.

To put it in plain terms, the Forex market exactly follows the sun. Trade begins in Japan with the rising sun and then revolves around the world with the trading becoming active from one corner to another, 24×7 for all the working days. To trade the Forex markets successfully one must resort to some good Forex trading strategies. However, it is not so easy a task to find the best strategy for trading Forex. A basic concept which comes handy while formulating a Forex trading strategy and which a trader should remember while trading Forex is that they should buy low and sell high under the existing market scenario at a particular moment of time.

We have come across plenty of Forex trading strategies in the internet, but to be fair enough, it’s hardly a few which are capable of satisfying their clients. In the internet you can find some good literature and strategy building packages which can be of great help to new traders. It is of course not easy to devise one’s own Forex trading strategy as it takes a lot of active trading and devoted research to do so.

Forex trading strategy classification

We can make a simple classification of the various Forex trading strategies into three main categories. They are

Simple strategiesComplex strategiesAdvanced strategies

Simple Strategies are easy to use and must have a disciplined approach towards risk minimizing and at the same time should be able to make the most out of the favorable market trends.

Likewise, in more complex strategies there is a steady approach with the use of several Forex trading indicators and moving averages but may take some time for the traders to get use to it. The other which are advanced Forex trading strategies, have a further logical and theoretical base and is used by expert traders who are in the Forex trading business for long years. The Forex trading strategies used by veteran traders make use of other indicators which they combine with moving averages.

In this context it would be right to mention about another feasible Forex trading strategy. It is the use of technical support and expertise through analysis to derive the much needed foundation and resistance in the trade. In this Forex trading strategy you must move with the mindset that markets are always expected to trade above their support and below their resistance levels. Levels being broken at any position can guide the traders that the markets will follow that particular trend from that point. This is made possible through charts and other graphic representations.

Every trader has their own style of functioning in the Forex trading market and therefore the same Forex trading strategy may not give similar results for all. The ultimate goal lies in reaping profits, but the strategies will have to be different. It is upon the individual trader to make the most of some good Forex trading strategy to move in the direction of returns.

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